Reviews from Retreatants

“Thinking of you all, missing Holy Hill…I prepare today to return to the next stage of my time in leadership. 

Thank you all so much for the gift of new life and a new way of living life that I received…”

— Religious Sister


“Thank you for being faithful to the call to ‘Be still and know Him for creating and nurturing this wonderful place and embracing weary travellers like us with love and open arms”’

— Married couple who work in youth ministry


“It seems fitting that we waited till harvest time to come here together.  It’s been a wonderful week, challenging at times.  It has given us a chance to allow each other very necessary space to re-awaken our individuality; and also perhaps a realization of new possibilities within our 50 year old relationship!

Taking time out to nourish our own inner wellspring allows it to flow over hard-crusted old ground

Taking time to ponder on the richness of life and the many blessings—Wonderful.  The well is full.  We retreated well individually and together.

I am deeply grateful to you all for this sacred place.”

— Married couple who have each come separately and this time together


“Driving up from Skreen

the small yellow door grows bright

the busy world fades.”

— A writer who comes at least once a year


“Thank you for welcoming me to Holy Hill and for making my retreat time here very life-giving.  I felt right at home. I pray for you in your important ministry to the local community and to the world.”

— Husband and father of three young children


“I want to say how I was blessed by being at Holy Hill.  It did me a lot of good, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I believe when I arrived I was close to burn out.

I was blessed by the Easter Services and the morning and evening chapel time which taught me much about meditation.  The quietness and simplicity of the hermitage was all new to me; it taught me about how one really does not need all that society has…

The outdoor work and Saturday morning chores were good for me.  The whole experience was healing.  I notices that the monks were positive, so friendly.”

— Pastor who stayed for one month


“The three of you make a great team—offering something unique to the retreatants here.  I am blessed beyond words to have been here and I hope one day to return again.  Thank you for creating this beautiful space.”

— Young adult having spent two months


“They say that miracles happen everyday.  But my special miracle was being led to Holy Hill at a time of transition and great uncertainty in my life…

I rediscovered the beauty and stability of faith the the renewal of trust and joy and hope.

It was this that brought me back a year later but now to deepen my faith and once more embrace Christ’s presence in contemplation.

Christ enfolds and surrounds Holy Hill.  You can feel him in the kindness of the community, in the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel and in the fellowship of other retreatants.

But there is an almost tangible presence in the serene sacredness of the surrounding green fields, in the wild winter winds, and the misty rain floating down from the mountain.

But most of all you take Christ’s presence with you when you leave in a new and lovely way.”

— Retired minister staying a month


Below is a video made by RTE television that gives a good taste of what to expect at Holy Hill.


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