Recommended Readings


These are books that have been valuable and important to us. We hope you find them helpful also:



Man Born to be King — Dorothy Sayers
Challenge of Jesus — John Shea
Knowing Jesus — James Alison



Sr. Wendy on Prayer — Wendy Beckett
Beginning to Pray — Anthony Bloom
New Seeds of Contemplation — Thomas Merton


Literary Fiction

Crime and Punishment — Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Brothers Karamazov — Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Jayber Crow — Wendell Berry



Why I go to Church — Timothy Radcliffe
Mere Christianity — C.S. Lewis


The Impact of God — Iain Matthew
Holy Daring — John Udris



— Seamus Heaney
— Mary Oliver
— Jessica Powers
— Denis Levertov
— Patrick Kavanagh



Pilgrim at Tinker Creek — Annie Dillard
The Solace of Fierce Landscapes — Belden Lane

World Religions

A Short History of Nearly Everything — Ken Wilbur
The Miracle of Mindfulness — Thich Nhat Han
When Things Fall Apart — Pema Chödrön


Arts & Culture

The Mystical Now: Art and the Sacred — Wendy Beckett
Clashing Symbols — Michael Paul Gallagher


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