Personal Rule of Life


Because we are hermits, each person in the community follows a personal rule of life as well as the community rule. We recommend that anyone who aspires to live a contemplative life create their own personal rule.  This will be different for each person, but here are some suggestions for elements that it could include:

  • A commitment to a period of silent prayer every day
  • A simplification of lifestyle
  • A commitment to live life deliberately, creatively, passionately and as naturally as possible
  • A period of solitude on a daily basis, and longer periods on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Regular physical exercise

One’s overall lifestyle could include:

  • a spirit of celebration, especially on the Sabbath and special days
  • conscious choices around eating simply, in particular during seasons like Lent or before major decisions
  • a spirit of wonder and receptive gratitude for everything
  • resistance to grasping at reality, controlling or competing with others, or defending oneself
  • regular retreats
  • taking responsibility for the future of the planet in concrete, active ways, thinking globally and acting locally
  • engaging with society, taking personal responsibility to uplift the world, help the marginalized, and to care for and encourage
  • A sturdy intellectual life: thinking deeply and clearly, using stretching the mind and humbly giving way to truth


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