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Friends of Carmel February 25

We will have a Friends of Carmel meeting on Saturday, February 25. Anyone is welcome to join us for a day of reflection on the Desert Experience. We will serve a lunch of soup and bread. We will begin at 11 am, and end by 5 p.m

March Visiting Sunday

Our first Visiting Sunday of the year will be on March 5. Fr. Paddy Hoban will celebrate Mass at noon, and everyone is welcome to stay for tea and a tour afterward.

Advent Reflection

AN ADVENT REFLECTION God’s desire that we flourish in freedom sometimes is expressed in rebukes. The readings for Friday of the second week of Advent are an example. We have Isaiah 48 17-19 including “If you would hearken to my commandments, your prosperity would overflow like a river”. Jesus says in Matthew 11. 16-19 “We piped you a tune but →

Christmas Eve Mass 8 pm

Everyone is invited to our Christmas Eve celebration this year. For the adventurous, it begins with a walk in the woods lit by torches at 7:30 pm. Fr. Paddy Hoban will celebrate Mass at 8 pm, and then we will gather in the library for a hot cider, wine, and bread and stew. Let us know if you are →

Visiting Sunday November 6

Fr. Robert Bulbrook from Ontario, Canada will be with us again for the first Sunday in November. We will have mass at noon, followed by tea and a tour for anyone who is interested.

Family Day July 3

Come and join us for our annual Family Day celebration on July 3. Bishop John Fleming will celebrate mass at noon, and the St. Patrick’s Gospel Choir from Ballina will sing. Afterwards there will be games, face-painting, Thomas’s grilled hot dogs and sausages, and whatever else erupts.

Friends of Carmel April 30

Our next Friends of Carmel meeting will be on April 30. Our friend Fr. Matt Blake OCD will be here, and it will begin at 11 a.m.

A New Season at Holy Hill

We are back in business after closing for a month of solitude and vacation. Fr. Eric Haarer arrived yesterday from Colorado, and will be here until March 7. He will speak at the Friends of Carmel meeting on February 27, and will celebrate Mass for our open Sunday on March 6.

Friends of Carmel Meetings

The next Friends of Carmel gathering is on Saturday February 27th, 11am - 5pm. Fr. Eric Haarer will celebrate Mass and give two presentations. At 1pm he will speak on Prayer and Carmelite Spirituality, and later at 3pm his talk will be on The Freedom of Detachment According to St. John of the Cross. Please bring your own bag lunch. →

A Taste of Holy Hill

This video was put together by Jess Mollison, one of the participants in the Young Adult Program this fall.  Enjoy the sights around Ireland and get a taste of life at Holy Hill.  Click on the photo to the right to open the video.

Of Gods and Men

It is difficult to convey the spiritual life in a film, since so much of what goes on is in a realm that is not seen or heard.  And usually, although it may seem dramatic to the person who is living it, there is not a lot of action for an onlooker.  However, the French film,  “Of Gods and Men” →

On Being Authentic

Authenticity is about becoming real.  It is a dangerous business, and it takes a lifetime.  The alternative is a superficial life that is nothing more than an act for others.  Authenticity, living out of the truth of who we are, is the greatest freedom.  Phoniness is the most tragic and heinous form of slavery.  Properly understood, Shakespeare’s maxim “to thine →

Silence and Honeycakes

The Wisdom of the Desert by Rowan Williams How could the desert mothers and fathers have anything to say to modern life?  Williams convinces us that their wisdom is pertinent. In our society we are either too conformist or too individualistic. How can we become more authentic? How escape the imprisonment of the ego or false self?  Silence tells the truth. →

Trusting Grace

Grace and nature sometimes cooperate with each other. Easter season is a good example. Irish spring erupts in a riot of flowers and blue skies and sun-dappled seas so symphonic that you can't be unhappy even if you try to be unhappy. We leave the tomb whether we like it or not and, as the poem says “all the world →

Spring Reflection

Spring comes early in Ireland, the 1st of February. With record-breaking cold this past December, most of us will be some combination of incredulous and hopeful. Reality does not correspond to our wishes or our calendars. But that cuts both ways. Nature does not proceed on schedule, nor is Spirit synchronous with liturgical seasons. Nor is God bound by our →

Book review-A Year with CS Lewis

Contrary to the title of this book, very few readers will get a year of reading out of it. These selections of Lewis’ writings are too good. Reading one per day is about like eating one potato chip. Count on two months, maybe. Editor Patricia S. Klein obviously knows C. S. Lewis like the back of her own hand, both his →