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Spring Reflection

Spring comes early in Ireland, the 1st of February. With record-breaking cold this past December, most of us will be some combination of incredulous and hopeful. Reality does not correspond to our wishes or our calendars. But that cuts both ways. Nature does not proceed on schedule, nor is Spirit synchronous with liturgical seasons. Nor is God bound by our sacraments. The sooner we let go of control and let God be God, the happier we will be.

Accountants like each number in its column and row. Intellectuals like ordered systems of knowing. Contemplatives thrive on dynamism. God is playful, and that is just fine. Let resurrection come on Ash Wednesday or, for that matter in Advent or right this moment. Conversely, Easter and Christmas need not feel a certain way if we have the conviction that we are Eastered and Christmased.

Maybe Henry David Thoreau was right when he said a bad time can be just as good as a good time. Why not let God be God in both the ebb and flow of life?  Miracles are rather randomly distributed, say many fine statisticians.

God rations neither grace nor love, so we can be spendthrift lovers with the account always full. No need to wait until February 1st or March 21st.  Do we really believe that Reality is out to do us good? If so, then spring can be anytime and forever.