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A retreat centre where people of all faiths can immerse themselves in silence, solitude, and beauty along the west coast of Ireland.

Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage


2015 Young Adult Program




Our Young Adult Program this fall will be held from 1 October to 1 December.  If you’d like to come, fill out the application you’ll find on the website.

A Taste of Holy Hill

This video was put together by Jess Mollison, one of the participants in the Young Adult Program this fall.  Enjoy the sights around Ireland and get a taste of life at Holy Hill.  Click on the photo to the right to open the video.

Visiting Sunday (Open Day)

On the first Sunday of every month (except January) we celebrate a mass to which all are welcome to attend. Mass is at 12 noon and is followed by tea and coffee and a tour of our grounds for new visitors.

Carmelite Way

The Carmelite WayAn Ancient Path for Today’s Pilgrim John Welch Paulist Press, Mahwah, New Jersey, 1996 181 pp.   Page for page, this is the best book around on Carmelite history and spirituality. The length and scope of The Carmeilte Way is perfect for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the tradition in a shorter format. This one quick read covers all the basics plus →

Friends of Carmel Meetings

The next Friends of Carmel gathering is on 12th September, 11am - 5pm.   The November gathering will take place on Saturday November 14th. Father Matt Blake OCD will be with us.  

Of Gods and Men

It is difficult to convey the spiritual life in a film, since so much of what goes on is in a realm that is not seen or heard.  And usually, although it may seem dramatic to the person who is living it, there is not a lot of action for an onlooker.  However, the French film,  “Of Gods and Men” →

On Being Authentic

Authenticity is about becoming real.  It is a dangerous business, and it takes a lifetime.  The alternative is a superficial life that is nothing more than an act for others.  Authenticity, living out of the truth of who we are, is the greatest freedom.  Phoniness is the most tragic and heinous form of slavery.  Properly understood, Shakespeare’s maxim “to thine →

Silence and Honeycakes

The Wisdom of the Desert by Rowan Williams How could the desert mothers and fathers have anything to say to modern life?  Williams convinces us that their wisdom is pertinent. In our society we are either too conformist or too individualistic. How can we become more authentic? How escape the imprisonment of the ego or false self?  Silence tells the truth. →