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A retreat centre where people of all faiths can immerse themselves in silence, solitude, and beauty along the west coast of Ireland.

Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage
Holy Hill Hermitage


A Taste of Holy Hill

This video was put together by Jess Mollison, one of the participants in the Young Adult Program this fall.  Enjoy the sights around Ireland and get a taste of life at Holy Hill.  Click on the photo to the right to open the video.

Visiting Sunday (Open Day)

On the first Sunday of every month (except January) we celebrate a mass to which all are welcome to attend. Mass is at 12 noon and is followed by tea and coffee and a tour of our grounds for new visitors.

Visiting Sunday June 5

Next Sunday, Fr. Paddy Hoban will be with us for Mass at noon. Everyone is invited to stay afterward for a tour or tea in Carrowcullen.

Friends of Carmel April 30

Our next Friends of Carmel meeting will be on April 30. Our friend Fr. Matt Blake OCD will be here, and it will begin at 11 a.m.

Open Sunday April 3

Our net Open Sunday will be April 3. Mass will begin at noon.

A New Season at Holy Hill

We are back in business after closing for a month of solitude and vacation. Fr. Eric Haarer arrived yesterday from Colorado, and will be here until March 7. He will speak at the Friends of Carmel meeting on February 27, and will celebrate Mass for our open Sunday on March 6.


“Jesus withdrew to Galilee”. And the word there—‘anachoreo’is the one from which we get anchorite. It means to ‘step aside’, or ‘go off’. Matthew uses it again later when after a particularly busy period the Lord ‘goes off’ to a lonely place to pray. And it can help us to ponder for a moment the importance →

Expanding Our Desire

The word ‘desire’ means ‘of the stars’’de-siderum’. That’s a good description of desire—hitching our hearts to a star.’ Only our deepest desires are ones our hearts have already been hitched to and are hard-wired for from the first moment we were made. The hearts of the wisest men and women that have ever made the longest, most important journeys, →

The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope

Jorge Begoglio, known to the world as Pope Francis, is a man simultaneously simple and complex. He is simple in his lifestyle, radiant joy and off the cuff remarks, complex in his bicultural Argentine-Italian background, depth of learning, and multiple gifts.  His birth in 1936 would send him through tumultuous times in his Jesuit community and Argentine politics, which honed →